This is my blog in response to the challenge presented by Paul S. Randal, in SQL Skills.
I would really like to attend in the: 
IEPTO1: Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1 class in Chicago
by winning the competition, but why?
there are thousands of answers for this, lets see some of them,
- the teachers are the best experts on this area of knowledge. 
- this is a very challenging topic in SQL Server and you just cant learn it with reading some books, you need to learn the skills, have hands on experience and many more, is there a shortcut to some of it? yep, attending in the IEPTO classes with the best experts that solve these kind of problems in the biggest companies and for largest databases around.
- because for me, it is a dream come true, learning from Paul and Kimberly in person, what can be more rewarding? 
and many many more ...

I will make use of the information I learn, because,

-firstly, its my job! it's my job to resolve problems regarding to SQL Server Performance every day.
-secondly, I know that I need to know much, much more, to do my job better.
-lastly, there were so many times that I got puzzled and couldn't find a way to resolve the performance problem and I knew it was the SQL Server. so many times Paul's and Kimberly's blog posts and articles helped me find the way. I know I want to use their profound knowledge in my day o day job, to do my job better and make the customers more satisfied and make myself more knowledgeable. 

My favorite Performance tuning challenge is, I want to know about the best ways to design databases and queries to prevent performance problems.

Winning this opportunity for me is too good to be true, (not that SQL Skills won't do what they've promised, but it seems too difficult to win such a competition, I know any Data professional would kill for such opportunity. :)   )

Any ways, I hope one won that deserves the most and uses the knowledge more wisely.